How Much to Paint a House Interior?

How Much to Paint a House Interior Winnipeg Manitoba

Whenever you walk from room to room in your home, a bothersome feeling kicks in that you just can’t shake. Your walls, ceilings, cabinets, and trim are begging for a fresh coat of paint, or a complete change of color altogether. Knowing that the task is too much to manage on your own you have concluded that professional intervention is required. While this is a wise decision, there is one more thing to consider – how much to paint a house interior in the Winnipeg area? Please read ahead for everything you need to know.

5 Things to Consider When You Want to Know How Much it Costs to Paint Your Home Interior

Factors That Determine Total Cost

Beware of local painting companies that provide specific rates for interior house painting based solely upon interior square footage and/or the number of rooms. While these matter, no painter worth their salt (or more aptly solvent, pigment, and resin) will provide a specific cost on their website or brochure.

Factors that generally determine the cost include the following:

  • Interior square footage.
  • Type of property (single-detached, multi-residential, townhome, etc.) which may impact access during certain times of the day/week.
  • Number of rooms and additional spaces (hallways, basement, attic, etc.).
  • Interior layout and complexity (angles, stairways, windows, doors, trim, etc.).
  • Interior decor.
  • Whether or not surface preparation has been completed prior to painting.
  • Desired paint quality and added treatments.
  • Desired paint type.
  • Timeline required for completion.

View more into these factors, or contact Buhle for your detailed quote, after reading further below.

Painting Over Old Paint vs Stripping and Repainting

It’s logically cheaper to paint over existing interior paint without stripping it off first. While this is the cheaper option, it’s rarely the best one. Moreover, it’s rarely the cost efficient option in the long run.

As someone searching for information on how much it costs to paint a house interior, you are probably in your home for the long haul. At least three to five years if not longer. If so, painting over old paint is typically problematic as it does not solve surface imperfections that need to be corrected. If these imperfections are not dealt with, issues such as bubbling, flaking, and peeling may ensue as the months and years pass. By not addressing these imperfections today (by stripping and repainting) you could be delaying the inevitable which costs more to repair in the longterm.

In addition, painting a new color over an older different one can result in a greater cost because multiple layers need to be applied to hide the original tone. Furthermore, new premium paints and finishes (even if the same color) may not be compatible with the original one.

View more on the debate of painting over old paint versus stripping and painting a new coat.

Can You Afford Not To Paint Your House Interior?

Don’t look at home interior painting as a lost and unrecoverable cost. Instead, consider it an expenditure that will deliver a palpable return on investment (ROI). ROI manifests as the following:

  • Improves insulation
  • Protects against pest infestation
  • Enhances occupant satisfaction
  • Impresses guests
  • Increases income earning potential as a short-term rental (STR) or longterm rental (LTR) if/when desired
  • Increases resale value

When you consider the benefits of home interior painting, you will realize that you can’t afford not to make the investment.

How to Pay for Interior Painting

Do you not have the funds readily available today, but can’t look at your home interior eyesore anymore? You have one option that you may not have considered – a home equity loan. A home equity loan (aka home equity line of credit) is typically used for home renovations and retrofits. Categorical upgrades include home interior painting. If you’re uncomfortable asking your home loan lender about it directly, ask a mortgage broker. A broker can secure for you the best possible interest rate and terms on your home equity loan in Winnipeg.

Get a FREE Quote

One of the key criteria for deciding on how to choose a house painter is to find one who will provide a FREE consultation and quote. This offers a risk free way to answer your question about how much it costs to paint your home interior. Reach out via the contacts provided below to get the paint-roller rolling!




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