Benefits of Painting Your Home Interior

Benefits of Painting Your Home Interior Winnipeg Manitoba

Beyond the obvious “before and after” aesthetic improvement, you are curious about any other benefits of painting your home interior. It’s an investment, after all, and it helps to know what the added advantages may be, especially if you need to convince another member of your household that it’s worthwhile. We’ve got you covered. Below is a breakdown of the proven gains made by homeowners who choose the right house painters to get the job done.

6 Proven Advantages of Home Interior Painting to Validate Your Investment

Improved Insulation

There are insulating paints that can directly provide heating and cooling (depending on the time of the year) benefits and theoretically improved utilities expenditure. However, these paints are currently being developed and perfected, and not yet available on the mass-market. So can interior home painting as you know it improve insulation?

There are ways that it can have a beneficial impact. For instance, walls that face the hot summer sun are more likely to absorb heat and pass it through to an adjacent room. In such cases, a homeowner may choose lighter colors such as white, light blue, light green, and light red which are known reflect heat. In addition, the stripping of old paint and subsequent pre-painting treatment of hidden cracks and fissures can block cold exterior air from passing through.

Increased Protection Against Pest Infestation

The same pre-painting treatment of hidden cracks and fissures addressed above can also help protect against small pest infestation in a given room. Some paints also have anti-grip properties that prevent insects such as ants from being able to make their way up from basements (which are generally more vulnerable to insects) and through to the ground level and second story of a home. Be sure to paint the trim around all windows and doors for a more confident barrier.

Increased Rental Value

Have you considered placing your home, or part of your home (basement suite, etc.) on the short term or long term rental market? Maintaining a fresh paint job every 5-years (beginning today) will help attract new and discerning renters, be they from Airbnb or other rental services that feature photo galleries of your property.

Increased Resale Value

Research shows that fresh home interior painting equates a 107% return on investment (ROI). Studies also find that homeowners who place their property on the market can get nearly $6,500 more based solely on the paint color of certain rooms. And don’t just take our (and researcher) work for it, as The Appraisal Institute of Canada states that among renovations that generate the highest return on investment are interior painting of the kitchen and bathroom in particular. So even if you can’t afford to paint the entire home this season, you should at least take care of the kitchen and bathroom before moving on to the other spaces in the months to follow.

Increased Home Equity

The increase in resale value and everything else above has a positive influence on your real home equity. Once interior painting has been completed and your next appraisal reflects growth in equity, you can leverage this equity to take out a low interest (compared to other loan options) loan and put it towards other worthy endeavors such as additional home upgrades (exterior painting included) or income earning investments that could end up paying for (indirectly) the interior house painting that you just invested in.

Enhanced Quality of Life

This a nuanced and more ethereal benefit of home interior painting, but is no less important. Occupants of freshly painted home feel more pride in their home. It has a positive impact on their psyche from the moment of waking through to the moment they place their head on their pillow. They (you) are also more likely to invite people over and entertain, which has a positive influence socially. Furthermore, certain paint colors induce positive emotions. For instance, Mental Health America indicates that muted shades can incite feelings of love and passion while bright hues may convey a sense of strength and power. Choose your hues accordingly (we will cover this topic in the future).

The benefits of painting the interior of your home are clear. If you reside in the Winnipeg area, contact Buhle Painting & Decorating for a FREE quote via the contact/s provided below.




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