Benefits of Home Exterior Painting

Benefits of Home Exterior Painting Winnipeg MB

The exterior of your Winnipeg home is in need of a paint job. There’s just one thing that leaves you on the fence about hiring a professional painting contractor – the cost. There is indeed an investment required for the project, as with any home upgrade, but it helps to understand what the return on investment (ROI) will be. Some are easier to recognize than others, but all add-up to delivering an ROI that makes moving forward the most logical conclusion possible. Let’s have a look at the proven benefits of home exterior painting to help you get the ball (and painting roller) rolling!

6 Proven Advantages of Home Exterior Painting to Consider When Calculating Return on Investment

Improved Insulation Against Elements

While critics say that the insulation benefits of fresh paint on a home exterior are negligible, research suggests otherwise. For one, it has been found that paint color can attract or repel heat gain on houses. Dark colored paint absorbs sunlight and turns it into heat, while light colored paint absorbs less light, so it heats up less. A professional painter will consider the sunlight exposure of the siding of your home as it may impact the interior spaces within, and can advise accordingly. But it doesn’t stop there. A study conducted by Stanford University confirmed that new insulation paints can reduce the need for both heating and air conditioning, which can reduce utility expenditure. In a city known for extremely cold winters and hot summers, this is music to the ears of Winnipeg homeowners. Ask Buhle about premium paints to consider for your home exterior.

Improved Protection Against Pest Infestation

A fresh coat of premium quality paint can seal small and microscopic cracks and fissures in home exterior siding and trim which can prevent pest infestation. Furthermore, ScienceDirect reports that nanoparticles such as calcium carbonate and diatomaceous earths, both of which are commonly found in household paints, exhibit insecticidal activity as insects die by desiccation after contact with these abrasive particles. The same body of research also found that fresh paint makes the surface slippery for insects (ants) for up to one year. The latter makes a new paint job essential for any homeowner who is currently experiencing insect infestation. Help block bugs and critters from getting into your property by contacting Buhle.

Enhanced Household Occupant Satisfaction

The above benefits of exterior house painting are quite tangible. However, we cannot ignore one of the most important advantages that is more ethereal in nature. A newly painted home provides a sense of pride and emotional appeal which is great for the mental wellbeing of occupants.

Enhanced Neighborhood Appeal

This expands upon the stated benefit above regarding occupant happiness and satisfaction. Your neighbors and the surrounding community will also greatly appreciate the facelift that a fresh paint job will provide. Each and every house on the block reflects on the community. What do you want your contribution to be?

Income Earning Potential on Rental Market

Have you considered placing your property (or extension of your home) on the short term (STR) or longterm rental market? If so, maintaining (every 5 years) a fresh coat of paint is crucial to attracting tenants and maintaining a favorable occupancy rate. Whether you desire to rent out the entire property on an annual lease, or want to place a basement suite on Airbnb, a professional paint job will boost the income earning potential of the house.

Increased Resale Value

Did you know that a house that maintains a fresh (every 5 years) paint job sustains a notable increase in market value (all else equal)?

“Consumer Reports states that new exterior paint can effectively increase the financial resale value of your home by 2% to 5%. At press, the average sold price of a single detached family home in Winnipeg is just over $400,000. Doing the math, that puts at least $8,000 (at 2%) of resale dollars back in a homeowner’s pocket.”

Exterior House Painters

An increase in market value may also result in an increase in calculable home equity. This increase in equity can be leveraged for other home upgrades along with other investments that you have in mind. ROI prospects don’t get much better than that!

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