How to Choose a Painting Contractor in Winnipeg MB

How to Choose a Painting Contractor in Winnipeg MB

You’ve decided that it’s time to upgrade the interior and/or exterior of your property with a fresh coat of paint, or an entirely new look and feel that a change of color can deliver. There’s only one problem – how to choose a painting contractor? Between long established companies, startups, and student painting services you’re unsure of who to get your project estimate from, especially when budget isn’t the only consideration. The good news, is that your search for insight into choosing a painter has landed you here. We can tell you from the get-go that a great deal of what you need to know can be unveiled before speaking with a contractor (who will only tell you what you want to hear). Below is a breakdown of the key criteria to consider when deciding upon which painting contractor is right for YOU.

6 Practical Things to Look for When Qualifying Which Painting Contractor is Best Suited to Your Project

I. Portfolio That Appeals to Your Needs and Desires

Painting in visual (of course) so it’s only logical that the first qualifier be a candidate painter’s portfolio. Find galleries on their respective websites and take a look at their recent work. They may also link to their social profiles (i.e. Instagram) which are often more up to date than their website. You’ll either see what you like, or you won’t. And if the candidate contractor doesn’t showcase a number of completed projects on their website or social profiles, you know that something is amiss. Look for the proof in the pudding by reviewing portfolios to find examples of what you may like for your own property.

II. Commercial and Residential Expertise

Choose a painter with expertise in both commercial and residential work. Why should a residential property owner care if a painting contractor does commercial work, or vice versa? You see, knowledge, talent, and skill in one translates over to the other. A commercial painter with in-depth experience in residential projects too will be able to bring a warmer and more personalized touch to your commercial project which will serve your brand identity and corporate culture quite well. Conversely, a residential painter with commercial expertise brings a sense of professionalism and careful attention to detail that smaller “mom & pop” or student run enterprises can’t deliver.

III. Full Service

Aptitude in commercial and residential painting is one thing, but for a truly successful project, your contractor should be able to work cohesively with interior and exterior design elements. Ensure that their website makes this evident. For example, does their website indicate an understanding of architecture, interior design, and decorating? Do they work with property management companies? Such things will let you know if they are able to work with already established spaces, and other contractors (architects, designers, and decorators) that may be brought to work concurrently with them.

IV. Transparency Regarding Process

Does the candidate hold their cards close to their chest, or are they open about the process? A candidate’s website (their primary means of initial communication) should leave no stone unturned when it comes to your questions regarding the painting process. Transparency lets you know what to expect when you enter a relationship with a contractor, and will also let you know that you can trust the quote they give you.

V. Verified Reviews

This may be an obvious consideration, but it bears a reminder. One of the best ways to vet any contractor, is to reference their reviews. If these reviews are not readily evident on their homepage, they may not have the experience to back their claims. We understand that some companies are just starting out, and that they may be talented painters, but do you really want a contractor cutting their teeth on your project? Instead, put your faith in one that has an abundance of reviews from satisfied clients.

VI. Helpful Tips for Property Owners

Lastly, a painting contractor that really cares about their clients, seeks to empower their clients. They do this by providing them with as much knowledge as possible so that they can make more informed choices about types of paint and/or colors and tones. The painter will also provide helpful tips to maintaining the integrity of interior/exterior paint so that it looks better and lasts longer. When qualifying candidates, check their website for resources that empower past, current, and future clients. A monthly blog or a detailed FAQ page is what you want to keep an eye out for.

Admittedly, everything above has led to one inevitable conclusion. If you are a Winnipeg MB area resident, there is only one option to consider when deciding upon which painting contractor is for you – Buhle Painting & Decorating. Click the button below to get your FREE quote today.


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