Who We Are

Buhle Painting and Decorating is a reputable painting company in Winnipeg with over 60 years of experience.  

We strive to provide outstanding customer service, high-quality products, and a long-lasting impression.   


Jason Greschuk – President

From a young age our  President Jason Greschuk has had an eye for business and over the last 11 years has time and again proven himself within the industry. Since 2014, Jason has grown two multimillion-dollar businesses and has a 300% growth in his painting company within the local market of Winnipeg.

Over the past two years, Jason has gone on to purchase “Buhle Painting and Decorating”  and has also written his very first book.

Jason has many business ventures he enjoys pursuing and is a beacon of positivity and enthusiasmCommunity, quality, and exceptional service are just a few things that Jason holds to the highest standards within our business and within his life.


Over 66 years of painting experience across our team

Jeff Penniston – General Manager

Jeff is quite the guy, one of our most tenured employees and Project Manager for our Residential and Commercial accountsHe embodies the motto “work hard, play hard”. Our resident jack-of-all-trades, he came from construction and is currently leading the way for our general contracting initiative, so we can tackle morthan just your painting needs but all your home renos. Jeff always works around the clock ensure your every expectation is met. 

Lena Kruse – Project Manager

Lena is a painter by trade and has been perfecting her craft for over 16 years. After receiving her red seal, she dabbled in historic protection and some restoration work and now has recently taken on our service sales and operations role and has implemented processes that have let us increase our business within our service division substantially. She is down to earth and has an eye for perfection. 

Tyler Tesluk – Office Administrator

Tyler is the face behind the scenes! He is diligent and has great attention to detail. Tyler is responsible for handling all the daytoday office activities from processing invoices to creating digital efficiencies.

Buhle's Painters


Stan has been painting longer than most of our team has even been alive! He is a “no muss, no fuss” kind of guy with a heart of gold.


Chris is passionate about his trade and making Buhle Painting and Decorating the best it can be. Chris has been painting professionally for nearly 25 years so there is nothing he can’t do!


Has been painting for 4 years and while she only has one hand; that has never stopped her from excelling at her craft. She is fast, reliable and a delight to have on site. 


Has been within the industry both in Canada and in his home country of Kurdistan for nearly ten years. Before that he was an electrician, Sabah is a hard worker and always turns out top tier work.


One of the newest painters to join our crew, Josh is a wealth of information regarding supply chain and purchasing. Outside of work he likes to explore his creative hobbies like, making music, cooking and playing DnD!


Is a second generation painter, and loves taking on special requests and more complex jobs! Time and again we are told by our customers on how great it is to have Aaron work within their homes!