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At dinnertime, my mom always told me, “There’s no waste in this house!” when I wouldn’t eat everything on my plate.


We carried that logic over to our business at Buhle Painting and Decorating about how we handle leftover paint.


It is almost a guarantee that after we finish a painting project, there is some leftover paint. Most people view this as garbage and something acceptable to “just throw out”.


However, as my mom said, “There’s no waste in this house!”

When we take in leftover paint:

  • We weigh it, scan it, and stock it in our warehouse
  • We let our DIY Painting list know about our updated inventory
  • You let us know if you want to buy it at a discount for that DIY project you’ve been wanting to do at home
  • We deliver it right to you

The end result is:

  • Less waste
  • Less consumption
  • Less of an impact on the environment!!


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