Kitchen Cabinet Painters Winnipeg

Kitchen Cabinet Painters Winnipeg

The kitchen may very well be the most important room in the home when it comes to painting. The cabinets are the defining feature that can make or break the aesthetic. Consequently, you want to be careful in your selection of a service to paint your cabinets/cupboards. If your property is located in the Winnipeg area there is only one place to choose; Buhle. Let’s find out why!

Why Winnipeg Homeowners Choose Buhle for Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Professional Kitchen Cabinet Painting

This is not a job that you want to hire out from a student service, and especially not from some listing on Craiglist or Facebook Classifieds and the like. And that guy you were referred to from a friend who has a coworker who has a cousin that knows him? Forget about it. To protect the integrity of your kitchen aesthetic and cabinet components, you require a professional. Some may not understand the importance of this, but when you consider all of the parts and components that are either being painted or require protection from paint and or negligence, you gain a better understanding. The average parts and components of a kitchen cabinet include the following:

  • Cabinet door
  • Stifle
  • Center panel
  • Drawer box
  • Drawer box bottom
  • Drawer face
  • Drawer sides
  • Knob / pull
  • Cabinet interior
  • Cabinet back
  • Cabinet floor
  • Face frame
  • Rail
  • Adjustable or fixed shelf
  • Side panel
  • Signature toe rack (as applicable)
  • Hinges

It’s a lot more complicated than you thought, right? This is why you need a professional. That, and the fact that you should only ever let a licensed and regulated company into your home.

As professional painters and decorators, we also bring insight into your kitchen that others won’t. Our decorating/designing background can help determine preferred colors for your cabinets. Given that HGTV Canada reports that certain kitchen colors can increase a house’s value by more an estimated $2,500, it’s certainly worth asking for input if you’re unsure about what tones you prefer. 

Further, we think of everything. For instance, if you have experienced pest problems in the past (i.e. ants in the kitchen) we can select paints that make life more challenging for them, with formulas that typical household ants can’t climb upwards on.

Kitchen Cabinet Painters Near You

You need a kitchen cabinet painter near you who also delivers on quality. You’ll be pleased to know that Buhle services any one of the following southern Manitoba cities and towns:

  • Winnipeg
  • Anola
  • Beausejour
  • Headingley
  • Iles des Chenes
  • La Salle
  • Lockport
  • Lorette
  • Oakbank
  • Oak Bluff
  • Rosser
  • Selkirk
  • Ste Anne
  • Stonewall
  • Stony Mountain
  • Warren

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Cost

Every case (and kitchen cabinet) is different so no painting company should ever quote a cost without first surveying the space. But fret not, because you’ll find peace of mind in knowing that we offer FREE consultations and estimates. There is no risk involved in having our team come and assess your project. Simple reach out via the contacts provided below and get your FREE quote.




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